My boy, remember when you were small, there was a night during the Ogre’s wars, there was this horrible noise, horses’ hooves plundering down a dusty path. You crawled under my bed and I can still hear your little voice “Papa, I’m afraid.” And I guess by instinct, I just said “Don’t you worry son, everything’s going to be fine.” And you smiled at me. That was the happiest moment of my life because for the first time in forever, I felt like a man, that I could truly look after you alone. Until I discovered this. It turned my into a monster, obsessed with power, and all I really ever needed was you, your love. And now through Belle, there’s love in my life again. Once more, I’ve started it with a lie. She thinks she has the real dagger, I lied to her in order to avenge your death. And now that I’ve done so, I really need strength to get back to the man I should be. I pledge, Baelfire, I won’t be that man. Your heroism has shown me the way. I promise.
Rumple (via snafu-moofins)